Intended for:

• Detecting contamination of palms, overalls and shoes of the staff by radioactive substances
• Producing a visible signal in case if the detected level of contamination exceeds the threshold.
• Measuring surface density of beta-radiation flux


measurement range of flux density of beta particles

10 – 1,5·104 part/ min∙cm2

Energy range of registered beta-radiation

From 0,3 to 3,0 MeV

Limit of the basic relative error of the radiometer at p = 0,95

± (20 + 200/Ах) % *

Instability of the radiometer readings during 24 h of continuous operation

No more than  5 %

Own background of the radiometer (at MED of gamma-radiation up to 2,0 mkZv/h

No more than 15 part/ min ∙cm2.

Operation mode setup time

No more than 1 min

Working area of the detector

160 cm2

Radiometer is resistant to the values of MED of gamma-radiation

10 mkzv/h

Radiometer is powered by AC of 50±2 Hz, voltage

from 187 to 242 V

Alternating Voltage “dry contact ” with a load of up to 1 A

from 0 to 280 V

Temperature of environment

from -10°С to +40°С

Relative humidity

Up to 90 % at +40°С

Cable length between the detection unit and the control unit

Up to 2 m

Level of casing protection

No worse than IP54

Type of climatic performance according to GOST15150


Additional error at max. influencing factor

No more than 10 %

Mean time between failures

No less than 10000 h

Average lifetime

No less than 10 years


Overall dimensions


Control panel

220×140×110 mm

3,0 kg

Detection unit

210×150×50 mm

1,0 kg

* – Ах –numeric measured value

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