• Continuous automatic control of  density of industrial solutions, suspensions, slurries without physical contact with them;
• Control of the given density of solutions (with optional temperature sensor );

Area of application
Mining, chemical, metallurgical, construction industry, nuclear fuel cycle enterprises

Operating principle
The principle of densitometer operation is based on the transillumination of the layer of controlled liquid by the flow of gamma rays and measuring its density by degree of weakening of the flow density


Limits of density control

from 200 to 3000 kg/м3

The optimum measuring range of density

100 kg/м3

Basic (to the max. measuring range) error at P = 0,95

from 0,1 to 1,0 %

The least absolute error

2,0 kg/м3

Range of diameters of pipelines (excluding wall thickness)

from 100 to 800 мм

Duration of measurement

from 10 to 1000 с

Time of reaction on abrupt changing of the measured value

from 1 to 3 с

Operation mode setup time

No more than 30 min

Operation mode of the densimeter

24 hours

Instability of readings within 24 hours of continuous operation

No more than 1,0 kg/м3

Densimeter is powered by AC of 50 ± 1 Hz, with voltage of

from 187 to 242 В

Alternating Voltage at “dry contact ” circuit with current of up to 3A

to 300 В

Operating temperature range:
– for detection unit
– for indicating device

from – 20°С to + 50°С

from 0°С to + 50°С

Relative humidity

up to 100 % at + 35°С

Level of casing protection

No worse than IP54

Distance between the indication device and the detection unit

to 1200 м

Mean time between failures

No less than 10000 hours

Average lifetime

No less than 10 years


Overall dimensions


Detection unit

Ø50×290 мм

0,85 kg

Matching unit

180×80×60 мм

0,6 kg


160×160×200 мм

11,0 kg

Control block

220×140×100 мм

2,8 kg

Process remote control

210×120×90 мм

1,0 kg

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