Software system “ATLANT-Protocol” (hereinafter – the complex) is a part of the upper level of program-technical complex “ATLANT”;

Complex is designed for continuous accumulation and archiving of the results of work of radiation and process control systems and to provide an access to this information to the registered clients by local and global networks.

Software and technical complex (hereinafter – STC) has a four-level structure – Lower, Middle, Upper and User level.Its scheme is shown below:

Lower Level

Lower level of STC consists of primary measuring devices (matching units, detection units) means of signaling, united by a central control panel (of the lower or middle level). Informational exchange of the lower level is carried out as following:

• at software level – protocol DiBUS;
• At hardware level – RS-422 (RS-485) using the cable lines. Can exchange information using radio modems, and via Ethernet lines.

Middle level
Middle level of STC is based on the center console (or a few central panels), running software Atlant. Upper level
Upper level of STC creates servers (WEB-server and Internet server), and a complex of programs “Atlant-Protocol. ” Hardware-based and software means provide storage and authorized access to information about the work of STC.

User Level
User-level form personal computers with an access to upper-level servers (LAN, Internet), and authenticated in “ATLANT-Protocol”.

specialized software is not installed On users’ computers. WEB-browser (MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, …) is used as a client program.

Variants of STC
In the STC of primary-level, with the number of simultaneous connections (no more than a hundred), hardware server consolidation of the upper level is possible. A smaller number of simultaneous connections allows hardware unification of upper and middle levels.
The most common STC can only consist of units of lower and middle levels.

Designing of STC
As low-level devices practically all measuring devices manufactured by LLC “Tetra” can be used:
• Devices measuring characteristics of radiation fields;
• Devices monitoring the moving and detection of sources of ionizing radiation;

• radioisotope density meters, level meters, gamma-relay..

STC can include devices of other organizations as application of various matching devices of measuring is possible

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