Monitor with an extended (1000 mm) plastic detector UDPS and monitor with detecting units of gamma and neutron radiation UDVG and UDMN
Monitor is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of cargo, baggage, passengers and staff to detect unauthorized moving of radioactive and nuclear materials and also designed to estimate the power of the equivalent of the ambient dose H * (10) of gamma and / or neutron radiation of these materials and then begin making visual and sound signals when the limits are exceeded.


Liminal PED alarm at the level of natural radiative background, equal to H * (10)F,mkZv/ h 1,05·Н*(10)F
Range of PED of gamma and neutron radiation at which the monitor in the mode of indicator evaluates the measured value, mkZv/ h from 0,05 to 50,0
Reaction time of the monitor when an ionizing radiation sourse appeares in the control zone and the sourse has an activity greater than the limit, no more, than 1
Cable length between the detection unit and the remote control, m to 1200
Interface of connection between the components of of the monitor and the higher-level systems RS422
Number of control points, which can simultaneously be parts of the monitor, pc to 8 (optional-16)
Operating temperature range, ° C from – 40 to + 50
Relative humidity Up to 98 % at35°С
Degree of cases protection , not worse than IP54
Warranty period of operation 2 years
The monitor is powered by AC voltage of 187 to 242 V, and frequency of 50 Hz

Minimum detectable amounts of radioactive material

izotope Minimum detectable amounts in kBq
Car version Railway version Pedestrian version
241Am 2000 2700 6000 8000 160 220
133Ba 160 800 600 3000 11 55
137Cs 200 1000 700 3350 14 70
60Co 110 470 400 1700 8 35
232Th 90 300 300 1000 6 21

Indicated quantities of radioactive materials are given for the following conditions:

• width of the passage between two detection units (3,0 ± 0,2) m, height (3,5 ± 0,2) m from the roadway, speed transport is not more than (10 ± 2) km / h;
• width of the passage between two detection units (6,2 ± 0,2) m, height (4 ± 0,2) m from the railway, transport speed is not more than (25 ± 2) km / h;
• width of the passageway between detection units (0,7 ± 0,1) m, height (2 ± 0,1) m from the roadway, pedestrian speed is not more than (5 ± 1) km / h;
• level of background gamma radiation at the place of putting the monitor 0.10 mSv / h;
• false alarm rate is not more than 1 per 1000 movements, the probability of an alarm is not less than 0,5;
• protection of the source is absent.

Software of the monitor
Along with organization of automatic control of the level of the current background at the points of monitoring and automatic keeping of the archive about the data exceeding the limits, it provides the following functions:
• registration with specified frequency of testing results in the database with reference to the time and point of control, registration in the database of a complete list of faults;
• displaying information about the measured radiation of MED, the current rate of reading of the detection units, about the value of the set limits, and the facts of their exceeding, etc.

Radiation monitor MPS-02 “DOZOR” is registered in the the State register of measuring devices permitted for use in Ukraine under the number U2398-07.

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