Radiometer designed to measure the volumetric activity of natural radioactive aerosols (subsidiary decay products of radon-222) and determine the equivalent of the equilibrium volume activity (EROA) of radon and thoron in the air.

Has an explosion-proof design PB 1B Ia, confirmed by the relevant tests in IGTM NAN of Ukraine and MakNII.

Registered in the state register of measuring devices approved for use in Ukraine at number U1254-00


The range of measured values:
• equivalent of the equilibrium volume activity of radon-222
• equivalent of the equilibrium volume activity of radon-220 (thoron)
• Volumetric activity of subsidiary decay products of radon-222

5 ‑ 105 Bq·m-3

0,5 – 103 Bq·m-3

5 – 105 Bq·m-3

Sensitivity to alpha-radiation of isotope 239Pu (Е – 5,15 МэВ)

No less than 0,25

Basic error

± 30 %

Volume rate of pumping an air intake device

No less than 20 l·min-1

Time of one measurement of radon-222 (including pumping):
• by the method of Markov
• by the method of Thomas

15 min

35 min

Power supply:
• AC power supply
• from built-in batteries

187-242 V, 50 Gz

12 V

Number of measurements by just charged batteries

No less than 40

Overall dimensions

210х100х80 mm

Radiometer provides the ability to store 100 measurement results, as well as the possibility of transmission of information on PC
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