It is used for conducting dosimetric monitoring of the radiological situation if there is an effect of the neutron emission of wide energy spectrum on the staff.

Output signal is a sequence of normalized, statistically distributed pulses, contains measurable data about the power of the ambient dose H* (10) equivalent of neutron emission during storage in the ball-shaped neutron moderator.

Energy range of the recorded neutron emission

From 0,025 eV to 10,0 MeV

Sensitivity*, c-1·at 1 mkZv·h-1


Upper limit of measured [PED] of neutron emission *, mkZv·h-1

1·105 mkZv·h-1

Energy dependence of sensitivity for standard neutron spectra *, %


Type of the detector

Plastic scintillator  + ZnS(Ag)

Control of functionality

Light-emitting diode. A single pulse.

Overall dimensions, mm

Ø 54×200

Mass, kg


Note * – emission of source Pu-α-Bе
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