Detection block BDMN-200 is intended to measure the parameters of neutron radiation fields in a wide range of neutron energies.
Output signal  corresponds to the standard interface RS-485.

The contents and the format of the data are defined in the report of the information exchange DiBUS (


Energy range of registered neutron radiation

From 0,025 eV to 10,0 MeV

Sensitivity* imp·s-1 on 1 mkZv·h-1


The upper limit of measured MED of neutron radiation*, mk3v· h-1

1·105 mkZv· h-1

Energy dependence of sensitivity for typical neutron spectra  *, %


Detector type Plastic scintillator

+ ZnS(Ag)

Control of working capacity

LED. Single pulse


Overall dimensions, mm

320 х 254 х 250

Mass, kg


Length of the connecting cable, m

20,0 (may be increased up to 200 м)

Note * – radiation of the source Pu-α-Bе

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICSPower supply is DC voltage from 7,0 to 12,0 V. Current consumption is not more than  30 mA

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