Detection unit BDEG-03 is intended for transforming the energy of gamma rays into a sequence of electrical pulses proportional to the amplitude. It is applied with electronic-physical apparatus for spectrometric measurements for solution of scientific and industrial problems.
Output signal is a sequence of statistically distributed pulses.


1. Energy resolution for gamma line of 137 Cs (662 keV) does not exceed 10%.
2. Transformation characteristic (dependence of an amplitude of the  pulses on the energy of gamma rays) – is linear. Integral nonlinearity of less than 2,5% in the energy range is from 300 keV to 2500 keV.
3. Registration efficiency at the peak of total absorption of gamma-radiation by radionuclide cesium-137 (662 keV) is at least 20%.
4. Maximum output statistical load is not more than 5х104 с-1. In this case, the change in the amplitude of the output pulses is less than 5% compared to the amplitude of output pulses at the load of 1х103 с-1..
5. Polarity of output pulses  is positive. Amplitude of  output pulses is less than 4.0 V. Duration of rise and fall (at level 0.1 and 0.9 of pulse amplitude) does not exceed 0.8 and 3.0 ms, respectively. Duration of the pulse (at level 0.5 of the pulse amplitude) is (3,0 ± 0,5) ms.
6. Operation mode setup time is 15 min., then the amplitude of output pulses doesn’t change for more than 10% from the average value during 6 hours of continuous operation.
7. Time of continuous operation is at least 24 hours


1. Power supply of the detection unit is from a regulated DC voltage from 10 to 12.5 V with voltage pulses of no more than 20 mV.

2. Consumed current is not more than 30 мА.

3. The output stage of the detection unit can send pulses through a coaxial cable or conductor screened cable to a distance of 10 m.

Examples of names of the detecting unit, depending on the used scintillation crystal, its size and type of output connector:

BDEG- 03 40×60 SKA

40×60 – diameter and height of the crystal,mm

С – type of the crystal – CsI(Tl).

К – connector type – cable tab is from RS7TV.

А – internal grade – is present

BDEG- 03 40×100 NRB:

40×100 – diameter and height of the crystal,mm.

Н – type of the crystal – NaI(Tl).

Р – connector type – instrument plug РС7.

Б – внутренний репер – is absent

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