Detection unit BDLG-27-TE is used for detection of some slight changes in the flow density of gamma-radiation at background level and transformation them into proportional sequence of pulsed signals.

Output signal is a sequence of the normalized, statistically distributed pulses, contains measurable data about the density of the flow (equivalent dose power) of gamma-radiation.

Initial energy limit of gamma-ray ragistration, keV from 20
Sensitivity to gamma radiation of isotopes:

137Cs  imp·с-1 at 1 mkZv/h

226Ra (type ЕR)  imp·sec-1 at1 mg at a distance of  1 m



Measuring range of pulse signals when transforming the flow of gamma radiation pul/sec-1 From 100 tо 50000
Counting rate from natural radiation background (up to values 0.2 Sv • h-1) is not more than, imp • s-1 200
Energy dependence of sensitivity *, % Not standardized
Limits of the relative basic measurement error of the flow of pulse signals with confidence level of 0,95% ± 10
Data instability for 24 hours of continuous operation is not more than, % 3
Type of the detector Monocrystal NaI(Tl) Ø 63×63 мм
Overall dimensions, mm Ø 100 х 250
Weight, kg 7,0
Length of the connecting cable, m 6,0 (may be increased up to 200 м)
Note * – radiation of 137Cs radionuclide


Power supply is voltage of 15 V (only +15 V is possible) . The consumed current is not more than 30 mA.

. Parameters of the output signal with resistance of load of 130 ohms:

– amplitude, В, not more than …10;

– duration, mks… 2 ± 0,5;

– duration of the front, mks, not more than … 0,2;

– duration of the back front, mks, not more than … 0,2.

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