Finally a small capable vectored ROV
The new vLBV300 is an exciting approach to small yet highly capable inspection ROV systems. Until now vectored vehicles start in the 50kg (110lb) weight range. The vLBV300 is only 18kg (40lbs) in air with various payload packages available.

Powerful variable vector thruster configuration
Vectored thruster configuration provides amazing control in all horizontal directions, therefore the use offshore in demanding conditions. The vLBV300 has impressive bollard thrust with 18.1-22.5 kg f (40-50 pd f) forward. Thruster vector angle is variable from equal horizontal to forward optimized. Dual vertical thrusters offer greater vertical control and roll stabilization.

Optimized mechanical design
The vLBV300 has undergone extensive mechanical design to optimize stability, capability, flexibility and serviceability. No other small ROV has had such attention to every detail as the vLBV300. Our in house ex-America’s Cup physicist has carefully examined pressure zones, moment arms, center of gravity, meta center and more to produce an exceptional small ROV.

Flexible stable platform
Out of the box the vLBV300 is a stable platform. To capitalize on the stability the vLBV300 is able to accept a wide range of cameras, sensors, tools and more. Such as four video channels including HD, 4 high speed data channels and three high speed Ethernet channels.

Ultra low drag, strong tether
The vLBV300 uses the low drag tether that SeaBotix has used in all it’s ROV system. At 8mm (0.3in) nominal diameter and 100 kg (220pd f) working load the tether has minimal impact on the performance. The tether can be attached to the rear or top of the vLBV300 depending on conditions.

Intuitive control system
SeaBotix MiniROV controls have been regarded as the most intuitive of all small ROVs. The vLBV300 is no different with the user friendly operator control unit and integrated control console.

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