Versatile and revolutionary MiniROV system
The LBV300-5 takes stability and versatility to a new level with dual vertical thrusters. Increased vertical control and stability make the LBV300-5 a great tool in demanding conditions. Add the revolutionary Crawler Skid and you have the ultimate maritime security system.

Highly maneuverable with added vertical control
The LBV300-5 has increased vertical power with the addition of a second vertical thruster. More than double the Bollard thrust of a standard LBV and increased stability too. The outboard thrusters enable the LBV300-5 to roll when the Crawler Skid assembly is fitted.

Industry leading small diameter, low drag tether
SeaBotix is renowned for its impressive small diameter, low drag umbilical. At 8mm (0.3″) in diameter the operator controls the ROV, not the tether. The durable tether comes in a variety of lengths.

Highly intuitive integrated control console
The SeaBotix operator control unit (OCU) is widely regarded as the most intuitive. All controls at the operators finger tips in an ergonomic and rugged controller.

High-Quality Video and lighting
The LBV300-5 systems are supplied with the latest Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) color camera technology. Coupled to the color camera is a high intensity LED array providing bright white light throughout the 270º range of view.

Stable balanced MiniROV sensor platform
Unique to the LBV vehicles is the balanced nature of the ROV in water. Careful attention to design and layout provide a small yet stable platform for high quality sensor data acquisition.

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