Increased stability in demanding conditions
The LBC’s unique vortex suction device enables it to adhere strongly to the surface being inspected in currents up to 5 knots. Even in such difficult conditions the LBC provides a stable sensor platform for high quality data acquisition. Don’t be fooled by imitations!

Simplistic operation for all operators
Attachment to a ship hull is incredibly simple and mastered by many in a few minutes. The dual vertical thruster configuration allows for the operator to roll the LBC and attach to the ship hull. The LBC then provides video/sensor feedback in a normal attitude further simplifying operation.

Ultimate in versatility
The LBC is comprised of the Crawler Skid Attachment (CSA) and the LBV300-5 system. Operators have a fully functional MiniROV system found in the LBV300-5 and the ability to add the CSA when required in only minutes. No other system offers the versatility and capability.

Four wheel drive
Once the LBC is attached to a ship hull it uses a four wheel drive system rather than thrusters. This method increases the operating capability with incredibly amounts of torque. Four wheel drive ensures traction and straight line tracking during inspections.

Patented vortex suction device
Part of the LBC is the unique and highly patented Vortex suction device. Use of the Vortex creates an amazing amount of attraction (23kg f) in a low profile device. The Vortex is more efficient and effective than thrusters, plus it works on any hard material unlike magnetic systems.

Unmatched sensor data acquisition
With it’s ability to stay in one position indefinitely the LBC can acquire data unlike a free swimming ROV. Sonar, NDT and video are very precise as the LBC maintains its fixed or steady position.

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